Private Briefing

Private Briefing pulled off an astonishing investment coup: bringing together a think tank consisting of seven of the world’s top analysts in different fields. Every day, private briefings are held with this team of amazing pros, picking their brains about the forces beating the markets, developing story ideas, and selecting strategies and recommendations to help members make the most money from what is happening in the world. This research advisory sends out new investment briefings every weekday, even before the markets open so members will have plenty of time to act on them. Private Briefing offers you all the necessary information so you can make the call. In the end, you are the captain of your ship.


All My New Recommendations

Typically one or two new stocks each week, which I will send to you as soon as they are fully vetted and approved by my proprietary method.

Profit Milestone Alerts

These will give you updates on all existing recommendations. We'll talk about the profits being created from new acquisitions, product launches, and expansions to their operations.

24/7 Access to the Private Briefing Members' Website

I've loaded this online portal up with powerful investment tools, resources, and a real-time Private Briefing Performance Tracker that provides up-to-the-minute profit summaries on all of our current opportunities. So you'll know exactly where you stand with your investments at all times.

Special VIP Concierge Service 

This is a team of 20 market specialists you will be able to call or email with any questions you have regarding your membership.

Cashing in on the “Smart Sensing” Revolution

In this report, I give you all the details about this radical new technology, how it’s going to be adopted by millions – even billions – across the world. And how one tiny company trading for around $10 is at the center of it all. This is a company with a paradigm-shifting technology and multiple catalysts potentially pushing its stock higher.

Driving for Dollars: How to Reap Massive Profits from Connected Cars

In this report, I'll reveal four small auto-tech companies, how they are currently leading the hyper-growth connected car revolution and how they could double their size – and your profits – FAST.

You'll also get continuous DAILY updates, WEEKLY Market Rundown,  all my research, and education tools.