Public Ventures

Founding Date

Public Ventures is a registered broker-dealer and self-clearing firm focused exclusively on public ventures. The member-driven investor community aims to back visionary public companies that have the potential to become market leaders in their technology category. The company fosters a market where venture-stage businesses are supported and financed by a community of like-minded individuals.


  • Their members-only community allows accredited investors to participate in investment opportunities presented by Public Ventures.

  • Members can submit investment proposals and actively engage with the companies they're interested in.

  • Public Ventures' model differs from traditional venture capital in that it allows companies to access public markets earlier in their lifecycle.

  • It also allows investors to gain exposure to promising young companies that may not be available through traditional channels.


  • Easier to raise capital. Promising early-stage companies are able to raise substantial capital to fund technology development much easier than private companies or through traditional venture capital.

  • Lowest financing cost. Accessing capital from public markets is also the lowest cost way of raising large amounts of financing.

  • Multi-billion $ valuations. Early-stage companies with revolutionary technologies that successfully develop technology leadership positions are able to grow to over a multi-billion dollar public market valuations, pre-revenue.

  • Access talent. Venture-stage companies are able to attract the best executives and talent by offering valuable tradable shares via the public market.


  • MDB backs visionary tech, inventors, and tech entrepreneurs that finances pre-revenue, early-stage companies through early public offerings.

  • The company has developed a process for identifying, developing, and commercializing meaningful technologies that initially began as abstract ideas.

  • The company also partners with inventors, universities, and entrepreneurs to launch big ideas in a holistic approach, making everyone involved better.