Llewellyn Consulting

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Llewellyn Consulting is an independent economics advisory specializing in thought leadership and strategic top-down macroeconomic analysis. With a particular focus on macroeconomics, policy, political issues, technology, Llewellyn Consulting provides early insight into essential developments, turning points, risk, and implications for markets and economies.


Thought leadership

Independent thinking to assist organizations in their outward-facing activities.

Research and analysis 

From data analysis and slide packs to notes, short papers, and major studies.

Strategic advice 

At all levels, and with stand-by access, from corporate planners and research analysts to CEOs.

Conferences, seminars, and round tables

Organizing and hosting (including joint hosting).

Speaking engagements

Presenting at/participating in client events – including chairmanship and moderation.

Board membership and attendance

In accordance with needs.

Litigation support and expert witness

Advising in legal disputes, from early case assessment through to resolution; expert opinion, reports, and testimony; attending legal hearings.