Vatom is the first feature-complete platform built with a simple to use, plug-in architecture that can enable anyone to create their own place in the Metaverse. Vatom aims to positively transform how we work, play, learn, earn, and interact with one another in the Web3 world to come, providing a wallet service that can be used to share objects with friends, fans, and customers. The Vatom NFT Platform evolves the web into a massively scalable social experience with dynamic blockchain-based digital objects. Only the Vatom platform enables next-generation ”Smart NFTs”, programmable digital objects that you can see, collect, trade, and redeem in both the real and digital worlds. Through the Vatom platform, brands and creators can own Web3 domains, create their own virtual places, distribute simple, consumer-friendly Web3 wallets, and launch their own branded marketplaces and social tokens.


  • VATOM SPATIAL WEB: Evolution of the World Wide Web. Massively scalable, social space with native, AI-driven NFTs that move seamlessly across AR and VR.

  • VATOM NFTS: VATOMs were the world's first NFTs, and approximately 30 million VATOMs have been issued into 2M wallets on the open source VATOM Network.

  • VATOM STUDIO: Self-service toolset for creators, system integrators, and agencies to make and manage NFTs and Spatial Websites.

  • VATOM MARKETPLACE: Find, buy and sell VATOM NFTs of all types and categories, and interscripted™ NFT scripts.

  • VATOM COMMUNITY: Tips, code samples, discussion boards, documentation, APIs and SDKs, contests, hackathons and developer conferences.