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Varicent is the leading provider of innovative sales performance management software focused on helping organizations plan, operate and pay to drive sales performance and growth solutions. The trusted SPM solution for customers worldwide, Varicent offers a full suite of solutions to assist in smart territory and quota planning, efficient lead-to-revenue operations, and the fastest and most flexible way to pay sellers accurately and on-time. The company combines powerful SPM technology with its augment intelligence-powered solution to enable customers to easily see and address sales trends, problem areas, and opportunities by predicting outcomes and prescribing actions to optimize revenue. Varicent caters to high-tech, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, media, and entertainment sectors.


  • Varicent's solution includes Enterprise and Business Editions for companies who face different compensation and management challenges.

  • Enterprise: Helps streamline compensation processes, reduce errors, meet compliance requirements and drive improved sales performance.

  • Business Built to create and administer variable pay programs, automate commission calculations, and distribute personalized payout results.



  • Sales Performance Management

  • Incentive Compensation Management

  • Sales Commissions

  • Varicenet Concert

  • Revenue Intelligence

  • Territory and Quota Planning

  • Symon.AI

  • Integrations