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Bospar is an award-winning boutique tech PR firm that grows your media footprint and engages your target audiences. The global agency offers full-service PR expertise spanning crisis management, social media marketing, content marketing, and reputation management. Since 2015, the firm leverages their expansive network  social and traditional media to make the most of your breakthrough ideas, technologies, products, and solutions. Bospar is known for being “Politely Pushy®,” helping  tech brands achieve success by persistently seeking opportunities for earned media, thought leadership, investor engagement, customer acquisition, and influencer campaigns.



  • Public Relations and Media Training. 

Bospar can move your business forward through the power of Politely Pushy® PR.

Bospar offers analyst strategy, analyst engagement, relationship building, presentation training, and analyst briefings.

  • Digital Content and Video. 

They offer press releases, podcasts, blogs and website content, case studies, social media, articles and op-eds, ebooks, video production, and reports and white papers.

  • Crisis and Reputation Management. 

Their crisis communications experts start by identifying potential threats and mapping out the chain of communications, spokespeople, statements, online advocates and detractors, too.

  • Integrated Marketing and Messaging.

It encompasses a range of strategies, including social media, public relations, audience analytics, website branding, digital content and advertising, all orchestrated to deliver a consistent and compelling message to all your stakeholders. 

  • Employee Engagement. 

Their veteran team of PR and marketing professionals makes content creation fast and rewarding. Bospar is here to help you make those connections and keep that good thing going.