Founding Date

iConnections is the investment industry’s leading capital introductions platform that connects investment managers and allocators through a personalized, secure and information-rich platform. The company focuses on creating unique opportunities for you to engage, connect and build lasting relationships in the investment management industry year-round. iConnections software platform seamlessly connects managers and allocators for virtual meetings, giving managers the ability to subscribe and share information with allocators who can efficiently select and meet managers all on one platform. iConnections has reimagined and revolutionized how the investment industry connects through their scalable technology, which can be used for bespoken events by managers, allocators and service providers.


  • To date, iConnections has raised over $47.9 Trillion in total allocator capital, and over $15.9 Trillion in total manager AUM.

  • The platform makes it easy to find the right people, schedule and conduct video meetings, share documents and track your interactions.

  • Through membership, you'll gain access to a global community of institutional allocators and fund managers and capture every opportunity.



  • Features indispensable networking opportunities as well as presentations and fireside chats from thought leaders at the forefront of the alternative investments industry.

  • Global Alts ‘22 consists of educational sessions, 1:1 meetings, and peer-to-peer networking with 90+ speakers, 50+ panels, and fireside chats.

  • The event gathers over 2,200 delegates including over 600 leading institutional allocators from across various industries.