Tycuda Group

Tycuda Group is a financial services firm specializing in models and sub-models which incorporate very specific algorithms to provide investors an experience second to none. The group works to create tangible value for its clients through the use of a proprietary portfolio management system that balances return against risk and recovery. Throughout the past years, they have developed a proprietary investment process designed to balance Risk, Return, and RecoveryTM, the latter being the true differentiator of the Tycuda Group. Their clients benefit from their sophisticated processes within the confines of their own accounts, providing them with transparency and peace of mind.

Tycuda Group offers services in the form of:

  • Group Retirement Plans: Retain employees, assist in providing a cost-effective retirement income benefit, navigate plan choices and fiduciary duties, assist in presenting options, and assume day-to-day management

  • Institutional and Endowment Fund Management: Budgeting, investment advice, and strategic long-term planning