Paolo Fragomeni

Paolo Fragomeni

Formal First Name

Paolo Fragomeni is a seasoned software engineer, open source developer and distributed systems researcher. Fragomeni is the Co-Founder and CEO of Socket Supply Co., a developer tools company advancing cloud computing beyond the data center. He also serves as Founding Partner and Chief Technologist at 100 Acre Ventures, a leading investment firm specializing in the emerging digital asset class. Prior to launching Socket, Fragomeni was Co-Founder and CEO of Voltra, a decentralized music store and player with a focus on music ownership. He was an early community leader and contributor to the world's largest and fastest growing open source project, Node.js. Fragomeni has been sought out by Fortune 500 companies such as Qualcomm and Dow Jones as a technical advisor. He has also contributed to many open source projects including Electron and Gitmesh.

Professional Experience


  • Fragomeni was a technologist focused on venture diligence at Passport Capital, a San Francisco-based global investment firm.

  • He was Vice President of Engineering at NowSecure, where he built engineering and security research teams on lots of projects.

  • He conceptualized and implemented products that simplify and manage application deployments for the node.js platform.

  • He was a software engineer at MIT, where he coded on various solutions for various projects on IT and other departments.

  • He left MIT in 2010 to co-found his first startup, which was later acquired by GoDaddy. 

  • Since then, he has founded multiple companies and raised rounds of funding.


  • Fragomeni has been featured in various leading financial media outlets including Forbes and Yahoo! Finance.

  • He frequently peer reviews technical papers and speaks at technical conferences worldwide.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.