Invesco QQQ

Founding Date

Invesco QQQ ETF offers exposure to one of the world’s most widely-followed equity benchmarks, NASDAQ. Since its inception in 1999, QQQ has become one of the most popular exchange-traded products providing investors big rewards during bull markets, potential for long-term growth, lots of liquidity, and low fees. This fund can be highly useful as a part of a buy-and-hold approach for investors looking to maintain a tilt towards the potentially volatile tech sector. It delivers exposure to companies that are at the forefront of transformative, long-term themes such as Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Payments, Streaming Services, Electric Vehicles, and more.

QQQ ETF Sectors (As of Sept. 30,2020)

QQQ ETF Top Holdings (As of Sept. 30,2020)

  • Apple (AAPL)                         13.39%

  • Microsoft (MSFT)                 10.76%

  • Amazon (AMZN)                 10.66%

  • Facebook A Shares (FB)             4.26%

  • Tesla Motors (TSLA)                 3.45%

  • Alphabet A Shares (GOOGLE) 3.42%

  • Alphabet C Shares (GOOG)         3.31%

  • NVIDIA (NVDA)                 2.88%

  • Adobe Systems (ADBE)                 2.03%

  • PayPal (PYPL)                 1.99%