Somi Arian

Somi Arian

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Somi Arian is a prominent tech philosopher and entrepreneur, international speaker, author, award-winning filmmaker, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice in the UK. Somi is the Founder of InPeak, a Web3 education and professional networking platform, Smart Cookie Media, a modern-day digital marketing firm, and an investor and advisory board member of NuroKor Bioelectronics, an exciting wearable tech startup. She is also the Co-Founder of Career Drive, the first online platform for millennials and Gen Z workplace training, and FemPeak, a platform that aims to raise women’s socioeconomic status through the application of technology. Somi is a sought-after "Transition Architect", working on frameworks to address the changes in the emerging tech and society. With over a decade of experience in marketing, film and TV, Somi applies an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the impact of technology on the changing business landscape, the society at large, and the future of work.

Professional Experience

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  • By leveraging AI and blockchain, Somi provides a transformative space for communities to innovate, learn, monetize, and collaborate at scale.

  • Under her leadership, Smart Cookies have created content for brands such as Bentley, Steinway, Funding Circle, and Savile Row, to name a few.

  • She is also an Opinion Columnist at CEOWORLD, where she shares her insights on the impact of tech, future of work, and the changing business landscape.


  • A frequent speaker, Somi gives talks and workshops worldwide on the impact of tech on society, the business e, and the future of work.

  • She also speaks about the development of thought leadership and digital transformation both in marketing and in HR.

  • She also speaks about Web3, NFTs, the metaverse, and blockchain technology.

  • She has given talks and workshops to the BBC, The Economist, Marie Claire, Amazon, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Virgin Atlantic, and American Express.

  • Her speaking engagements also include AdWeek, TedX, Legal Week, Global Radio, and Unstoppable Women of Web3 by Unstoppable Domains, among others.


  • Her documentary, "The Millennial Disruption", has won three international awards.

  • Her book, "Career Fear", addresses the future of work and the skills we all need to survive and thrive in the age of AI.

  • She has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.