Demetri Kofinas

Demetri Kofinas

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Demetri Kofinas is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hidden Forces, a multimedia educational platform that explores the inherent forces driving the most powerful changes we see in the world. He concurrently serves as a consultant to blockchain and distributed ledger technology companies, helping them foresee security vulnerabilities by building theoretical attack frameworks against token-based systems. He also consults hedge funds and venture capital firms on how to invest in and around these emerging technologies.

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  • Kofinas is a media entrepreneur and financial analyst who seeks to uncover the hidden forces and pivotal patterns shaping our lives.
  • His contrarian views and critical-thinking approach have helped thousands of people make smarter, informed decisions.
  • His work is driven by years spent both analyzing global markets and establishing innovative media properties and live events.


  • Kofinas' approach is rooted in his life experiences. 
  • He employs a global perspective developed over a lifetime spent traveling and living across many countries, making him fluent in three languages.
  • The empathetic, human element in his analysis was shaped by his experiences of memory loss and recovery resulting from a brain tumor diagnosis in his late 20s. 


  • Kofinas has had a brief stint in the banking industry earlier in his career.
  • In 2006, he co-founded Guerilla Gaming Concepts, an interactive entertainment company focused on developing skill gaming middleware for the console industry. 
  • In 2008, he transitioned from the video games industry into product development for Cablevision Corp, doing application development and design work for the cable industry. 
  • In 2010, he turned his attention to the editorial side as the creator and host of 91.5 FM WNYE, a popular evening radio program.
  • In 2011, he created and produced Capital Account, an international news program about the financial markets that was then broadcast in over 100 countries around the world.