Adam Brotman

Adam Brotman

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Adam Brotman is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Forum3, the next-generation, Web3-powered universal loyalty platform for consumers and businesses. Brotman is a digital media executive with highly successful experience in leading global digital functions at multinational larger companies through large scale, global horizons and initiatives. He held top leadership roles as President and CEO of J. Crew, and EVP of Global Retail Operations for Starbucks. He is also the former Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks, where he helped build the coffee giant’s mobile application, which now handles more than a quarter of the company’s orders. Prior to joining Starbucks in 2009, Brotman held several key leadership positions at leading digital media companies, including a Bill-Gates owned eCommerce company, Corbis.

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  • Brotman was a longtime Starbucks executive who helped mold the Seattle coffee giant into one of the most technologically-advanced retailers.

  • He led the design of the order and pay system and built its rewards program, which launched in 2009. 

  • He oversaw the global digital scope at Starbucks for web, mobile, social, e-commerce, Starbucks card, and loyalty card.

  • He also oversaw digital entertainment and global consumer-facing digital roadmap including IT prioritization and user experience design and interface.


  • Brotman is the former CEO and Chairman of Brightloom, a startup that helps companies turn their customer data into personalized marketing campaigns.

  • As SVP of Corbis, he was responsible for, including end-to-end strategy, business planning, user experience, and overall operations.

  • He was the Co-Founder and CEO of PlayNetwork, a leading provider of in-store digital media and entertainment services for businesses worldwide.


  • Brotman has been featured in various leading media outlets and publications.

  • He has been interviewed or featured at Blokworks, CoinDesk, Reuters, BusinessWire, and more.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.