George Brod

George Brod

Formal First Name

George is the Founder and Investment Committee Chairman of Crystal Capital Partners, a leading turn-key alternative investment platform, empowering financial advisors with exposure to third-party institutional private equity and hedge funds for their clients’ portfolios. He heads the firm's investment committee and oversees the quantitative research efforts including portfolio modeling and technical analysis. George and his team of software engineers and investment professionals created and developed proprietary portfolio management tools, quantitative analytics and portfolio optimization technology specifically designed for investing in alternatives. George has over 35 years of alternative investment experience, and has a deep understanding of investments, mathematics, statistics, technology and modeling.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • George launched his career as an early investor in today’s most recognizable alternative investment funds, creating and managing several offshore funds.

  • In 1994, he pioneered the distinctive vision to create an institutional solution to not only navigate, but also facilitate and simplify the alternative investment journey.

  • An engineer by training, George earned his M.S. in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.