Sergey Nazarov

Sergey Nazarov

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Sergey Nazarov is the Co-Founder of Chainlink Labs, a blockchain middleware company building first-rate oracle solutions for global enterprises. He is also the Co-Founder of SmartContract, a leading provider of secure and reliable open-source oracle solutions. Nazarov worked with major banks, insurance companies, and large technology firms on the creation of externally connected smart contracts. These experiences gave him an exceptional perspective on what it takes to bring smart contracts forward for enterprise adoption.


  • Narazov is the son of Russian immigrants who moved to New York in the early 1990s.
  • Both of his parents were engineers and they weaned him on computers from an early age.
  • He recalls being only around 5 years old when he first sat in front of a keyboard; he was reading programming manuals in middle school.
  • It was clear to him early on that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • In 2010, he served as a teaching assistant to NYU Professor Lawrence Lenihan, the founder of Firstmark Capital.
  • He had a six-month stint at Firstmark doing technical due diligence on technology startups and building peer-to-peer marketplaces.
  • He joined the crypto space in 2011.
  • He is a strong believer that crypto has the capability to change the way the world enforces contracts, distributes information, and perceives wealth.