Beth Kindig

Beth Kindig

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Beth Kindig is the CEO and Lead Analyst of the I/O Fund, a top-performing tech portfolio, where she delivers weekly in-depth tech stock analysis to her free newsletter subscribers. Under her leadership, I/O Fund has a cumulative 3-year audited return of 47%, beating Ark and the majority of Wall Street funds over four audit periods in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Beth has over ten years of experience in competitive and product analysis in the tech industry and private markets. She devised a proven method of choosing the right investments from being exposed to hundreds of tech growth companies since 2011. Beth’s expertise in analyzing tech companies, tech products, and startups resulted in more than 900 articles and a number of enterprise-level analyst reports. She is also known for making bold calls on tech stocks and offers weekly free analysis that leverages her ten years of experience in the private markets. She is also the leader of the investing group Tech Insider Network, where she utilizes her team’s nearly two decades of Silicon Valley experience to combine fundamental and technical analysis to consistently beat Wall Street funds.

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  • I/O Fund runs one of the highest-performing tech-focused stock portfolios in the world.

  • I/O Fund empowers retail investors by offering a transparent portfolio alongside institution-level research and real-time notification of entries and exits.

  • They provide serious tech investors with premium services that will give them a competitive edge on growth tech stocks.

  • The I/O Fund’s cumulative returns of 46.92% have more than doubled the Nasdaq since 2020 and are 174% better than institutional all-tech portfolios.


  • Kindig has a proven track record in analyzing products and competitive positioning for the public markets.

  • She predicted the biggest stock drop in history in Q2 2018 with Facebook's miss and the biggest IPO loss in history with Uber in Q2 2019. 

  • She invested in Roku from its IPO for a 1,000% gain and she is known for having a crystal ball on Twitter. 

  • She has a tech podcast in the Top 40 for technology on iTunes and Spotify. 

  • She helped evangelize products for global go-to-market strategies in technology.

  • She launched 6 new products to market: big data, geospatial data and visualization, genomic sequencing data storage, digital rights management, targeted advertising, and mobile broadband connectivity.