Alejandro Navia

Alejandro Navia

Formal First Name

Alejandro Navia is an executive coach focused on helping experienced entrepreneurs grow into more effective leaders. He blends his profound operational knowledge in early-stage start-ups with spiritual and conscious practices to guide clients in their journey of conscious leadership, growing teams and scaling business, and fundraising challenges while helping them create freedom and fulfillment in their lives. Prior to this, Navia spent12 years scaling early-stage, mission-driven startups and directing high-growth enterprises.

Professional Experience


  • Helped grow the transatlantic team for a stealth AI company.
  • Co-founded Skypod, an aerospace company.
  • Co-founded Oceanic Global,¬†an internationally recognized non-profit.
  • Led Content Strategy and Acquisitions at Verizon.
  • Helped lead Elite Daily to a $50 million acquisition.
  • Helped founders raise over $92 million in funding over the last 5 years.


  • Navia has a deep passion and respect for psilocybin and plant medicine.
  • Through his journey using mushrooms, he has found the medicine to be an incredibly powerful healing tool.
  • He has dedicated himself to psilocybin education and reform.