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IPO Candy follows the IPO markets and provides ongoing research, information, and analysis for investors, bankers, and company management. With a variety of subscription options, IPO Candy provides insight of late-stage private companies and follows them after they begin their journey as a newly-public company. The company partners with research analysts, firms and information providers to produce a broad and deep set of information services. They offer a very efficient and easy-to-use method of investing directly in the IPO stocks that have the most potential for appreciation. IPO Candy thematically focuses on technology, healthcare and other secular, growth-oriented areas.

  • We publish our IPO Candy Gram with commentary and our IPO Candy Ecosystem every two weeks.

  • Founded in 2008 when rumors of the IPO market being "dead", IPO Candy now reviews every IPO and has dedicated staff working on content, analysis, investing and new products and services.

  • The IPO Candy folio seeks capital appreciation with a selection of 10 to 20 recently listed stocks.

  • The stocks are chosen by utilizing the IPO Candy proprietary system of analyzing recently-listed IPOs across the U.S. stocks markets, based on company fundamentals, opportunity and valuation.

  • They publish theirĀ  IPO Candygram with commentary and their IPO Candy Ecosystem every two weeks.

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