ReD Associates

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ReD Associates is a highly specialized innovation and strategy consultancy that conducts research and analysis on human behavior to offer companies with consumer insights. ReD aims to identify gaps between what people need and what companies offer through its social science research efforts. Through the principles of ethnography and phenomenology, the ReD team works together to develop deep insights into how and why consumers make decisions. Their approach combines methods from the social sciences and traditional business techniques to provide clients with a clear and comprehensive direction for moving forward. It provides customer behavior data to help companies create products, design services and position themselves strategically. ReD analyzes how its clients’ customers live, what they think and do all day, what their habits are, and how they understand the world.


  • ReD Associates uses human science to put people back at the center of science decision-making.

  • ReD's approach, Sensemaking, marries methods from social sciences and rigorous synthesis with traditional sciences and rig techniques.

  • After building observations and generating data patterns, ReD builds a theory and tests it against what's happening in the marketplace.

  • The company serves industries such as tech and telecom, media & entertainment, manufacturing, consumer services, and nonprofits, among others.



  • Business Direction & Strategy

  • Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • New Products & Services

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Complexity Reduction