Founding Date

Reserve is a digital currency with stable, real-world value that helps scale prosperity by enabling everyone to protect and use their money globally. Aiming to help people cope with hyperinflation, Reserve builds a censorship-resistant stablecoin and decentralized fiat gateway network that serves as a borderless, inflation-resistant store of wealth that can be easily transacted with low friction. The platform developed the Reserve Application and Reserve Protocol—two unique tools which bridge the gap between consumers and businesses. The Reserve Application facilitates conversion of local currency into Reserve dollars, enabling users to move money freely between their local banks and the most popular online payment platforms and cryptocurrencies. The Reserve Protocol aggregates tokenized assets to create fully decentralized stable cryptocurrencies.



  • The Reserve application is designed to help people living in hyperinflationary economies protect their savings from devaluation.

  • The Reserve app automatically assigns deposit and withdrawal requests to an Independent Liquidity Provider (ILP).


  • Reserve Token (RSV) – Native currency on the network that enables saving and spending like normal fiat currency.

  • Reserve Rights Token (RSR) – Not directly tied to the US dollar, it is anchored to the RSR token, guaranteeing its stability.

  • Collateral Tokens – Non-RSV tokens that engage with the network's smart contracts, helping support RSV's value.