Eric Muschinski

Eric Muschinski

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Eric Muschinski is the Founder and CEO of Phenom Ventures, a holding company overseeing his various businesses and investments. He is also the Editor of The Gold Investment Letter, an investment newsletter focusing on gold stocks, mining stocks, and investing in undiscovered companies. Muschinski has been investing in and recommending gold accumulation since 2003. He worked between Wall Street and Silicon Valley for almost 30 years with unique experience from technology venture capital to every facet of the public capital markets. Prior to launching his entrepreneurial endeavors, Muschinski also had over 15 years of diverse experience in the securities industry. Initially as a general securities broker, and later becoming recognized as a specialist assisting the needs of high-net-worth investors.

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  • Prior to Waveland Capital Partners, he was Vice President and Co-Founder of GunnAllen Venture Partners, where he worked on late-stage private equity and venture capital.

  • Before GunnAllen, he served in the Private Client Group with McDonald Investments, and another boutique investment bank headquartered in Chicago.

  • In 2017, Eric founded the Phenom Foundation, a 501c3 providing financial resources for dog rescue and adoption efforts around the globe.