Founding Date

Pulley offers a cap table management platform designed to help startup founders, employees and investors monitor their equity information. The company aims to help more founders by making it easy to understand fundraising, cap table, and compensation, enabling companies to run business with a clear understanding of ownership today and into the future. Pulley’s services generate signed legal agreements for equity grants issued on the platform whereas alternative tools do not generate signed agreements that increase friction during diligence. The company provides an end-to-end solution for signing and tracking tracks, helps execute agreements without using Docusign and uploads them to an equity platform and provides diligence requirements with signed documentation.


  • Pulley helps you attract better talent, fundraise smarter and stay compliant with the top-rated cap table solution.

  • It can handle the entire process for issuing equity from offer letters to signed legal agreements to board approvals, all on the one tool.

  • Helps with employee equity plan management, 409A valuations, electronic option exercises, machine learning for data entry, digital certificates, and pro forma modeling.



  • World-class onboarding and support

  • Fully executed legal documents

  • Trusted and fast 409A valuations

  • Complex fundraising modeling



  • Rule 701 & Form 3921

  • 83(b) Filing and Tracking

  • Digital Stock Certificates

  • Board Approvals

  • Investor and Employee Experience

  • Company Training