IEQ Capital

IEQ Capital is a leading independent investment advisory firm that aims to transform traditional wealth management. IEQ provides a combination of high-touch wealth advisory and family office services to ultra-high-net-worth clients throughout the country. IEQ leverages a broad understanding of each asset class, deep institutional relationships, and a network that provides access to exclusive private investment opportunities. The firm focuses on sourcing, negotiating, and structuring a range of public and private investment solutions designed to meet clients' needs. The firm also actively sources and researches new investments in alternative asset classes, monitors portfolios, and cautiously structures investments.



  • Estate Plannning. 

Education on estate planning concepts to help you design an estate plan specific to your goals and objectives.

  • Tax Strategy. 

Optimize your after-tax returns and work closely with your tax professionals to help develop a comprehensive tax strategy.

IEQ Capital can help you develop a roadmap to achieve the things you want to do in life.

  • Network of Professionals. 

IEQ Capital has a network of tax, estate, insurance, legal and lending professionals who provide services for our clients.

  • Objective Sounding Board. 

They provide advice on a variety of topics such as privately-held or concentrated stock strategies, liquid assets, borrowing strategies, philanthropic giving and more.

  • Additional Considerations. 

They care about any non-financial factors such as ESG considerations that are important to you.

Their technology-enabled platform provides a seamless and secure way to interact with your team and access your portfolio.