Schulte Research

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Schulte Research is an independent research company focusing on technological change in banks and insurance and the way this affects prices. It provides research on banks, financial technology, bank algorithms, and credit algorithms. Its clients comprise some of the largest insurance, pension, sovereign wealth, and hedge funds.


1. Active and passive portfolios of financial stocks to help investors make money

2. A comprehensive credit research product which is a detailed, bottom-up corporate health check for the top 2000 stocks globally. 

3. Schulte Research focuses on the critically important area of financial technology and the way in which companies like Alibaba would revolutionize banking

4. Schulte Research works with banks and insurance companies to help them create strategies to adjust their infrastructure in order to cope with the onslaught of technological change. 

5. Schulte Research works with regulators in a liaison role between investors and banks so that they can understand the rapid changes facing the industry.