Thrive Capital

Founding Date

Thrive Capital is a venture capital firm that builds and invests in internet, software, and technology-enabled companies. The firm partners with founders to explore new ideas, build exceptional products, and launch world class companies. Known for its hands-on approach to investing, Thrive typically takes on a board set in its portfolio companies and provides them with operational support. Thrive has a notable track record of investing in successful companies. Some of its most notable investments include Affirm, Nubank, Instagram, GitHub, Spotify, and Twitch.


  • Focus on software and the internet.

    Allows the firm to leverage its expertise in these sectors to identify and invest in promising companies.

  • Hands-on approach.

    Allows the firm to provide its portfolio companies with the support they need to grow and scale.

  • Long-term perspective.

    Allows the firm to invest in companies that have the potential to generate strong returns over time.


Thrive offers several advantages to its investors and portfolio companies:

  • Access to top-tier talent.

    With a strong network of experienced investors and entrepreneurs, they help companies identify and invest in promising companies early on.

  • Operational expertise.

    Provides its portfolio companies with hands-on operational support, helping companies scale and grow more quickly.

  • Flexible capital.

    Willing to invest in companies at all stages of development. It allows them to invest in high-potential companies that may not be attractive to traditional venture capital firms.

  • Strong track record.

    A notable track record that gives investors the confidence that the firm can capitalize on and give them strong returns.