Founding Date

BadgerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that builds products and infrastructures to accelerate Bitcoin as collateral across other blockchains. Dedicated to building products and infrastructure that bring Bitcoin to DeFi, Badger is meant to be an ecosystem DAO where projects and people from across DeFi can come together to collaborate and build the products the space needs. Badger aims to create the most developer-friendly environment possible where they build the products they want, have the appropriate incentives to do so, and maintain shared ownership. BadgerDAO is built on the Ethereum platform and provides vaults where users can store their Bitcoin to earn yields based on market conditions. Shared ownership in the DAO will allow builders to have aligned incentives while decentralized governance can ensure those incentives remain fair to all parties.


  • $950B+ Total Value Locked

  • 23,760 Total Users

  • 40 Number of Vaults/Strategies

  • $240M+ Treasury Holdings



  • BADGER – Native governance token of BadgerDAO

  • Interest Bearing Bitcoin – Most usable form of Bitcoin in DeFi, that pays you to hodl

  • Sett Vaults – Automated strategies to earn yield on Bitcoin and more

  • Badger Bridge – Bring your Bitcoin to DeFi

  • Badger Boost – Get higher rewards for staying in the Badger ecosystem

  • DIGG – A decentralized, elastic-supply asset pegged to BTC