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Bloomberg is a global leader in business and financial information, delivering trusted data, news, and insights that bring transparency, efficiency, and fairness to markets. Bloomberg operates as a financial, software, data, and media company that provides financial software tools such as an analytics and equity trading platform, data services, and news to financial companies and organizations. The company helps connect influential communities across the global financial ecosystem via reliable technology solutions that enable customers to make more informed decisions and foster better collaboration. Global customers rely on Bloomberg to deliver accurate, real-time business and market-moving information that helps them make critical financial decisions.


  • The iconic Bloomberg Terminal grants its subscribers near-instantaneous access to a vast ocean of financial data.

  • Beyond the terminal, Bloomberg News has carved a niche for itself as a trusted source of financial journalism.

  • Bloomberg is a major player in the financial information industry and its products and services are used by professionals around the world. 

  • With over 325,000 terminals installed worldwide, predominantly at major financial institutions, hedge funds, and central banks, Bloomberg holds a near-monopoly on real-time financial information dissemination. 


  • Real-time market data. Stock prices, currency rates, bond yields, and other market movements are constantly updated, allowing traders and investors to make informed decisions in split seconds.

  • News and analysis. Bloomberg News, with its global network of reporters and analysts, provides breaking news, in-depth reports, and expert commentary, keeping subscribers ahead of the curve.

  • Trading tools. The terminal offers sophisticated order execution platforms, portfolio tracking tools, and risk management algorithms, empowering traders to execute complex strategies efficiently.

  • Global reach. With over 2,700 journalists and bureaus in 73 countries, Bloomberg News provides comprehensive coverage of financial markets, economies, and political events worldwide.

  • Credibility and accuracy. Renowned for its investigative reporting and commitment to fact-checking, Bloomberg News sets the gold standard for financial journalism, influencing public perception and policy decisions.

  • Market-moving power. Breaking news reports and insightful analyses from Bloomberg News can trigger market reactions, impacting investor behavior and asset prices.