Founding Date

You.com is a privatized, personalized AI search that liberates you from endless search result links. Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, You.com serves as a private search engine that summarizes the web, allowing you to have human-like conversations with it. It features increased privacy, extensible applications, and personalized results through preferred sources. With You.com, you'll also have access to 200+ applications, popular sources, and web results.


  • You.com.

    A private search engine without privacy-invading ads that you can customize with 150+ apps.

  • YouChat.

    A conversational AI interface to get answers and generate content with the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

  • Google.

    If you're not ready to use You.com as your default but want quick access to it.


  • Privacy.

    Protects you from being tracked online, privacy-invading ads, and data sharing. The extension is open-source, so you can verify the permissions.

  • Customizable experience.

    Choose what you want to see by clicking "thumbs up" on sources like Medium, Reddit, etc, and we'll prioritize them in your results.

  • Fast.

    Use time-saving generative AI apps like YouWrite, Code Complete, and YouImagine to have AI write an essay or code snippet for you.

You.com allows you to:

  • Set You.com's chat experience (YouChat) or traditional experience as your default search engine to experience the future of search now or set it to Google.

  • Quickly access generative AI apps powered by our own LLM, OpenAI models (such as GPT-4), and Stable Diffusion to write, code, and design.

  • Choose You.com and get protection from being tracked online and having your data from being sold to advertisers.