Tidal Financial Group

Founding Date

Tidal Financial Group is a leading ETF investment and technology platform facilitating the creation, operation and growth of ETFs. An advocate for ETF innovation, Tidal combines expertise and innovative approaches in the collaborative design of ETFs and other groundbreaking financial products with its partners. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of services, proprietary tools, and methodologies designed to bring lasting ideas to the market. Tidal partners with the investment community to build ETS to generate value, and liberates investors from the limitations of traditional financial offerings.


  • Tidal sets out to revolutionalize the way ETFs have historically been developed, launched, marketed, and sold

  • The ETF platform enables and democratizes the ability to launch, operate and grow ETFs. It offers a true one-stop-shop fiduciary solution for asset managers.

  • Their platform includes strategic guidance, product planning, trust and fund services, legal support, operations support, marketing and research, sales, and distribution support services.


  • Growth Assessment. The firm offers business intelligence and strategic guidance via their proprietary growth assessment process.

  • Values-based Culture. Tidal is focused on honesty, transparency, collaboration, accessibility, support, generosity, diversity, flexibility, freedom, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

  • Comprehensive Solution. Tidal’s comprehensive solution includes ongoing support in: Marketing, Integrated Growth Services, Trading, Sales and Distribution.

  • Alignment of Interest. Tidal’s business model is structured so that the firm has a vested interest in clients’ success.


  • Strategic Assessment and Product Planning. The firm leverages their collective business intelligence to position your ETF for success.

  • Trust & Board Management Services. They are in the headache business, so that you can focus on what you do best.

  • Fund Management & Operations. They oversee all administrative, financial and operational items related to launching an ETF.

  • Regulatory & Compliance Services. They manage and support the regulatory needs in order to run an ETF.

  • Active Portfolio Management & Trading Execution. Portfolio Managers understand the business of fiduciary asset management.

  • Marketing & Research Services. All ETFs launched with Tidal include a comprehensive strategy and plan of execution.

  • Sales & Distribution Support Services. Increase AUM in the ETFs by selling directly to financial advisors.

  • Fund Financing. Sharing economics in financial critical growth initiatives when resources are low.