Drones - Industry


The Drone Industry has witnessed rapid expansion as the appreciation of drone technologies is increasing. With their real-world benefits for growing numbers of vertical markets, the sector’s demands and support requirements for third-party providers is rising as organizations look for larger partners with higher capabilities, broad-based IT expertise, software development proficiencies, and cybersecurity skills. The Drone industry has become a strong global investment, these drones are being used for the enterprise in market trends and forecast, agriculture, construction and mining, and insurance. The drone services market size is expected to grow to $63.6 billion by 2025 while consumer drone shipments hit 29 million by 2021.

  • Drones are widely popular in the defense industry - the industry is growing rapidly (circa 2018)
  • Drones are becoming more popular in commerce - the tech from defense Drones will help improve them
  • Some companies involved in the drone industry include:
    • AeroVironment (AVAV)
    • Raytheon
    • Boeing
    • Lockheed Martin