Science Magic Studios

Founding Date

Science Magic Studios is a digital asset venture studio that utilizes emerging tech to create deep relationships between people and brands. The studio aims to give brands, talent and their communities ownership of the cultural value that they create through advising and implementing the creation of digital assets and Web3 economies. The studio assists Web3 companies in multiple stages of development, ranging from early-stage branding to the creation of digital assets. Science Magic Studios is aventure between ScienceMagic.Inc., macro investor and Real Vision founder Raoul Pal, and crypto research firm Delphi Digital.


  • The studio offers a spectrum of services to identify, plan and execute game-changing Web3 opportunities for your brand or IP.

  • They create compelling campaigns and activations to help bring brands into the Web3 space.

  • They invest in their own products and campaigns with you, to ensure long-lasting effective tokenized economies.