Secure EMP-Resistant Edge

Founding Date

SEMPRE is a technology company created to secure America’s critical infrastructure and provide reliable access to secure computers and connectivity for urban and rural communities alike. The company provides the first EMP-hardened, resilient, secure military-grade communications and high-performance edge-computing infrastructure for telecom operators, first responders, government and enterprise customers. Using its technology, customers and network providers can move toward a true 5G experience that offers end-to-end security, ultra-low latency and superior processing speeds at the edge in an integrated and cost-effective solution. SEMPRE quickly bolsters existing networks and helps to augment weaknesses in the current fabric of network infrastructure.


  • The SEMPRE micro edge datacenter is a new class of survivable telecommunications and edge cloud infrastructure built to seamlessly secure existing networks or as a standalone solution.

  • SEMPRE unlocks true Private 5G by allowing you maximum control of your data, while enabling edge processing closer than thought possible to the end users.

  • First-of-its-kind architecture promises security, safety & reliability; the assurance that there will be no data loss or complete infrastructure failure.

  • SEMPRE enables rapid creation of custom slices, tenants, clouds and even networks to provision applications with different requirements using secure, industry standard interfaces.