8VC is a venture capital fund focused on investing in early-stage technology companies that are transforming their respective industries. The fund invests in and builds ambitious and innovative companies, with a particular emphasis on creating technology platforms that generate lasting economic and societal value. Today, 8VC companies are transforming industries and pioneering new ones.


  • 8VC is a technology and life sciences investment firm that builds and invests in the world's most ambitious companies.

  • 8VC partners with elite founders to build transformational technologies that create long-term economic and societal value.e

  • With over $3.6 billion under management, 8VC has invested in some of the fastest growing companies including Palantir, Wish, Oculus and Deliverr. 


  • Logistics. 

8VC is invested in platforms that help logistics companies become modern data enterprises.

  • Life Sciences. 

New companies are combining specialized fields such as cell therapy, synthetic bio, biomanufacturing, microfluidics, and genomics-IT.

In this new environment, tech-enabled care models are fast taking hold, once-brittle IT systems are being made robust and scalable.

  • IT Infrastructure. 

As enterprises make the transition into a cloud-native world, a new generation of companies is rewriting the rules for data infrastructure and application software.

Helping visionary public servants harness the power of data integration and modern architecture to make government more transparent, efficient, and responsive.