Atom Finance

Founding Date

Atom Finance offers a modern financial knowledge platform that aims to modernize access to high-quality investment research resources. Atom’s platform provides historical financials, detailed analyst consensus estimates, valuation metrics, SEC filings, and transcripts, among other features, enabling professional investors and new customers to make educated and well-informed investment decisions. The company supplies you with the desired features that are complex to build and costly to source so you can focus on being there for your clients. With its powerful, modern software solution, Atom is taking the resources that Wall Street professionals have at their disposal, and putting them in a consumer platform that’s powerful, intuitive, and works everywhere.


  • Atom allows users to sign up for free and gives them access to credible resources that can be used while researching investment opportunities.

  • Other features on the platform include real-time quotes for investment opportunities, analyst estimates, and charting to track prices and returns.

  • Users can also utilize a messaging feature to discuss investments with one or a group of other Atom users.