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PrismFP is a leading technology firm that operates and innovates at the intersection of three key disciplines: market artistry, state-of-the-art quantitative modeling, and next-generation technology. It leverages state-of-the-art infrastructure, open-source frameworks, and novel data architectures to extract market insights, enable strategy optimization and simulation, and digitize order handling, execution, and operations.


Actionable Research

PrismFP offers independent, practitioner-led market insights and trading strategies, geared towards highly liquid trading expressions and tailored to a range of investment mandates and risk profiles.

Strategy Optimisation

3fiftyseven® is a next-generation analytical framework that enables PrismFP to work with portfolio managers to identify and analyze optimized trading strategies for any given investment thesis.


PrismFP carries out conflict-free, highly transparent execution using proprietary software for order handling and synthetic price generation, combined with selected best-in-class, independent third-party execution platforms.

Post-Trade Service

PrismFP's operations functions are fully digitized, allowing instant electronic trade confirmation and automated reconciliation and invoicing.