Alexander Alternative Capital

Alexander Alternative Capital is an alternative investment firm that seeks capital appreciation while minimizing risk in all market environments through private equity, hedge fund, and direct investment opportunities. It offers exposure to oil and gas development, finance and technology, and long and short public equities positions. Each investment is made with a maximum risk budget and designed to limit the downside while maximizing profits.



Alexander is pursuing an energy development strategy that looks for deals that allow direct participation in drilling and development activities, including those of top-tier oil and gas operators.

Long/Short Equity

Alexander buys and sells listed US equities and equity options using a macro top-down view to identify growth drivers and risk factors that cause significant price fluctuations over a 3 month to multi-year cycle.

Automotive Retail

Alexander partners with automotive dealership operators to acquire interests in private, income-producing automobile dealerships in North America

Real Estate

Alexander partners with top-tier real estate operators and developers to finance both residential and commercial development projects across the student housing, assisted living, mixed-use, and multi-family market segments. 

Asset-Backed Lending

Alexander’s luxury asset lending platform allows businesses and individuals to effectively use their luxury assets to increase their borrowing capacity by providing dollar-denominated, short-term, and fully collateralized sale advances to businesses against their luxury assets.