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InPeak is building the most powerful and well-organized platform for learning, networking, career development, thought leadership and marketing for the Web3 community. The platform prepares companies and individuals towards the next generation of the internet through live sessions and on-demand content covering all aspects of Web3 education, with the help of Web3 industry leaders and NFT insiders. Led by women and inclusive to everyone, InPeak prepares you to thrive in the emerging world order defined by technology.


  • InPeak is building the “Linkedin/Masterclass” of Web3 by facilitating education and learning and develops influence and thought leadership in the Web3 field.

  • InPeak covers all aspects of Web3 education, featuring industry leaders such as Zeneca, Camila Russo, Laura Shin, and Brenden Mulligan of Premint.

  • The platform also features NFT insiders, including Gmoney, Hume, and Cyber Broker’s Josie Bellini, to name a few.