Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble

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1965 - present

Robert Scoble is among the world's best-known tech journalists and futurists. A blogger, technical evangelist, and author, he is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a tech evangelist at Microsoft. Scoble has been part of technology media businesses since 1993. He has a booming presence in the tech world, attracting a large following on social media with his opinions on technology and the industry. He is one of the biggest tech journalists in Silicon Valley who has interviewed the CEOs of Flipboard, Pantheon, Slack, Salesforce, and many other tech big shots. Scoble worked for Fast Company as a video blogger, and then Rackspace and the Rackspace sponsored community site Building 43, promoting breakthrough technology and startups. Most recently, he was Chief Strategy Officer at Infinite Retina, where he focused on spatial computing research and strategies for companies using augmented reality and virtual reality.

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  • Scobleizer focuses on tech trends, particularly emerging technologies like spatial computing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

  • Opinionated, insightful, and often provocative, Scoble is known for his enthusiastic and forward-looking perspective on the future of technology.

  • Along with interviews with prominent figures in the tech industry, the blog delivers the latest news and developments in AI, AR, VR, and other cutting-edge fields.


  • During his time as a futurist for Rackspace Hosting, he interviewed the world's top innovators, from Mark Zuckerberg to Tony Hsieh. He was a public face for Rackspace, representing the firm on stage at many events.

  • Before that, he was a Managing Director for Mansueto Ventures, where he managed FastCompany, a show about tech startups.

  • At PodTech, he served as Vice President and ran a video show network where he shared the leading news about startups and the tech industry.

  • As a futurist and evangelist for Microsoft, he changed the company through developing Channel 9, a community site.

  • Economist magazine wrote that Scoble noticeably improved Microsoft's relations with the world.

  • Earlier in his career, he helped co-chair the Visual Basic SIG for SDForum, and was a frequent attendee and organizer for numerous local tech user groups. 

  • He has long been a prominent advocate of both RSS technology and the Tablet PC.

  • He is the first to report on technologies from autonomous vehicles to Siri.


  • Scoble has been featured in or quoted by various financial media outlets and publications.

  • He has appeared in CNBC, Business Insider, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, Variety, New York Magazine, WIRED, Forbes, and more.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.