Daniel Jonsson

Daniel Jonsson

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Daniel Jonsson is Chief Executive Officer of GreenBlocks, a company that mines Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using 100% renewable energy from Iceland. Daniel helps partners monetize unused or excessed energy production in order to increase their utilization and revenue through mining. He believes that Bitcoin is a solution that will be one of the biggest catalysts in the shift to renewable energy sources over the coming years. Prior to GreenBlocks, he was the Director of Blockchain Technologies at Advania Data Centers, a firm that operates the biggest hosting company in the world for cryptocurrency mining. At ADC, he focused on mining colocation, datacenter hosting, cloud solutions, managed services, and various SaaS products. A large scale cryptocurrency mining specialist, Daniel sits on the board of Icelandic Blockchain Foundation and International Carbon Registry, an issuer of verified and audited voluntary carbon credits.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • As a large-scale crypto mining specialist at Eldar mining, he provides expertise on all aspects of setting up and running a mining operation in Iceland.

  • He was Director of Blockchain Technologies of atNorth, he created and deployed a growing range of services for the Blockchain and crypto industry.

  • He was a Systems Administrator and Consultant at Annata, where he ran internal systems and supported the team in all technical aspects.

  • He also served as a Senior Server Analyst for Dell and a Technical Support Analyst at Hewlett Packard.

  • He has experience mining cryptocurrencies including bitcoins and altcoins, and the installation and management of large scale crypto operations.





  • He was interviewed in numerous podcasts about green crypto mining in Iceland.

  • Daniel has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.