Socket Supply Co.

Socket Supply Co. is a developer tools company advancing cloud computing beyond the data center. Socket Supply provides a suite of applications that simplify web deployment and an open source framework, allowing web developers to deliver on Web3 by combining peer-to-peer and browser engine technology.


  • Starts with a ±20Mb memory footprint, and 1.5Mb binary distributable on desktop, ±13Mb on iOS and Android.

  • Use a CSP to sandbox native JavaScript APIs instead of the traditional main process which has unmitigated access to your desktop.

  • All the standard browser APIs are supported, so you can use your favorite front-end libraries to create UIs! React, Svelte, or Vue for example.

  • The optional backend can be written in any language, Python, Rust, Node.js, etc.

  • A full-featured File System API & Bluetooth ensure it's possible to create excellent offline and local-first user experiences.

  • Built to support a new generation of apps that can connect directly to each other by providing a high-performance UDP API.