Winton Capital Management

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Winton is a global investment management firm with a core focus on statistical and mathematical inference in financial markets. It utilizes technology and mathematics in uncovering abstract patterns and order that can be used to forecast the probability distribution of outcomes within it. Winton then develops and implements algorithms to create intelligent investment systems on behalf of its clients around the world.



Broadest expression of Winton’s research and investment capabilities via a quantitative multi-strategy approach.

Universal Momentum

Aims to profit from up and down trends in asset prices, wherever they emerge.

Trend Strategy

Major-market trend-following strategy built on Winton's extensive experience of momentum investing.

Diversified Macro

Combines a core allocation to trend following with complementary technical and fundamental signals.

Equity Strategy

Systematic equity strategies that construct dynamic portfolios, with the aim of outperforming a benchmark.

Assets under management: $28.5 billion (circa 2019)