Meta Angels

Founding Date

Meta Angels is an NFT membership community harnessing the metaverse to unlock real life opportunities. It is an exclusive NFT marketplace that features a collection of 10,000 unique Meta Angels, generated from over 400 hand drawn elements and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Founded on the values of generosity, transparency and accessibility, the NFTs reflect a broad representation of skin colors and genders, an impressive feat by Sarana Haeata (AKA Aslan Ruby), the Māori-Australian artist behind the collection. Additionally, users can pick a one-of-a-kind Meta Angels NFT, and join a community of new networks.


Within the collection of 10,000 Meta Angels, each angel is defined by their wings, connecting with and embodying different aspects of humanity.

  • Guardian Angels

  • Wild Angels

  • Celestial Angels

  • Lucky Angels

  • Elemental Angels

  • Opulent Angels

  • Fallen Angels

  • Angels Among Us