5 Min. Forecast

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Let’s face it—you don’t always have time for rambling essays on what’s going on in the world. That’s why the 5 Min. Forecast was created. This free newsletter provides a concise summary of the day’s financial news. It cuts the fluff out of the news cycle and distills the day’s headlines into brief, digestible insights. You’ll get only the most important stories in politics, finance, technology, and more. Each is uniquely qualified to alert you to the news and trends you can use to develop a winning investment strategy. timely, down to earth, to the point.

  • 5 Min. Forecast comes out before or around 2:00 PM Eastern Time every weekday.
  • It is only available to those subscribers who have a paid service with Agora Financial.
  • Every once in a while, there is a piece of news important enough to warrant an overtime briefing, but it will be worth every extra second.
  • The daily recipe goes something like this:
    1. Take the entire team’s best ideas.
    2. Mix in some not-so-common takes on the day’s financial headlines.
    3. Throw in a dash of “quirk” from the business world. world. world. world. world. world. world. world. world. world.
    4. Add a generous helping of reader feedback.
    5. Bake for 5 Mins.