Geoff Marcus

Geoff Marcus

Formal First Name
Geoffrey (Geoff)

Geoffrey Marcus is a career-long financial professional entrepreneur with over 30 years of entrepreneurial and senior management experience within the financial services industry and the technology sector. He is the President and Co-Founder of SPRK Investor Network and Hanteras LLC, a SaaS company focused on Event Management. Geoff has also co-founded multiple businesses, including the Context Summits alternative investment conference series and the events business for AlphaMetrix. He has developed a proprietary 360-degree marketing strategy and has used it to develop revenue quickly in prior enterprises, by utilizing highly economic brand building tools combined with direct outreach. Geoff’s focus on the technology-enabled use of one-on-one meetings and created the most powerful sourcing architecture available for fund investment allocations.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Prior to AlphaMaven, Geoff built several businesses dedicated to Alternative Investments, founding ALTS Capital, and co-founded Context Summits as a continuation of the Capital introduction businesses dedic he developed at AlphaMetrix.

  • Geoff’s 360-Degree marketing strategy maximizes each marketing dollar and builds revenue rapidly yet cost-effectively.

  • Tools include targeted email outreach, guided voicemails, invitation marketing, social media and strategic events.

  • Geoffrey began his career in PaineWebber’s Investment Banking Division.

  • He was also a member of Connecticut Hedge Fund Association’s Board of Directors.