Mash Patel

Mash Patel

Formal First Name

Mash Patel is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kurtosys, a leading digital experience platform provider for the asset management and financial services industry. Kurtosys provides an end-to-end digital experience platform that enables firms to create, manage, publish and optimize financial data, documents, websites and content in a secure, compliant environment. With a diverse career in many sectors of the global financial world, Patel takes a broad interest in how innovative technology is shaping the future of financial services. He believes that technological advantage, operational efficiency and outstanding communication are keys to a digital revolution and success. Prior to founding Kurtosys, he held positions at Merrill Lynch and PWC.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Mash Patel started his career as a Management Consultant with PWC where he worked on strategy and technology projects in 33 counties.

  • He served as a Structured Derivatives Marketer at Merrill Lynch, where he provided long-dated Derivative structures for oil, mining, airline and power companies.

  • He is also a non-executive board member of FundingKnight, Apply and AccessPay.