Robby Soave

Robby Soave

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1988 - present

Robby Soave is an award-winning journalist, author, and Senior Editor at Reason, the nation's leading libertarian magazine and website. He writes about culture, politics, education policy, criminal justice reform, television, and video games. Robby won widespread recognition for setting the record straight in two infamous cases of media malpractice: the 2014 Rolling Stone hoax article about sexual assault at the University of Virginia, and the 2019 incident involving Catholic high school students at the Lincoln Memorial. His writing prompted several mainstream media outlets to apologize for having wrongly smeared the boys. In addition, he is the author of Tech Panic: Why We Shouldn't Fear Facebook and the Future and Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump, where he profiles young progressive activists as well as those on the political right.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • D.C. Advisory Committee, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights


  • His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, U.S. News & World Report, The Orange County Register, and The Detroit News.

  • A columnist for The Daily Beast, his writing has also appeared in New York Post, CNN, USA Today, and Newsweek.

  • He is a regular guest on Fox News, CNN, and syndicated radio programs.