Zack Miller

Zack Miller

Formal First Name
Zachary (Zack)

Zachary Miller is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tearsheet, a leading modern media company tracking tech's impact on the financial services and fintech industry. Under his leadership, Tearsheet continues to lead the industry in analyzing the impact technology is having on the financial industry. Zack has been growing fintech businesses for the past decade, combining a deep knowledge of the finance and investment space with impactful, hands-on experience with technology businesses. An expert on the intersection of technology, new media, and finance, he helps financial businesses grow through engaging content and encouraging conversations. Zack has held senior leadership roles and consulted to some of the top next-gen finance sites including OurCrowd, Seeking Alpha, Lending Club, LearnVest, Wall Street Survivor, Covestor, and SigFig. He's also the author of Tradestream your Way to Profits: Building a Killer Portfolio in the Age of Social Media (Wiley, 2010) and runs the popular investing website

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Zack is a business developer, content strategist, product marketer, content marketing professional, and copywriter.

  • His work has been primarily focused on helping grow startup finance and investing companies.

  • Tearsheet's publications are must-haves for digital executives, marketing, and product people of finance and fintech industries.

  • He served as the Chief Growth Officer of WEEL, responsible for heading all customer-facing activities of the firm.

  • He was a Partner at OurCrowd, leading early marketing and product development for some of the largest online VC firms in the world.

  • He was also a Contributor at LearnVest, where he helped people make better financial decisions with straight-talk and actionable finance advice.

  • Zack was an Editor at SigFig, responsible for transforming revolutionary portfolio data and analytics into actionable investment content.

  • He was a Managing Director at Lighthouse Capital, a full-service boutique investment house providing services to international investors.

  • As Head of Business Development at Covestor, he was responsible for all Business development activities and third party partnerships.

  • Zack began his career in finance as an equities analyst at a multinational hedge fund

  • He wrote about crowdfunding for The Balance for two years, drawing on his investment and marketing background.

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