RFA is a global IT, financial cloud, and cybersecurity provider to the financial services and alternative investment sectors. A leader in digital transformation, RFA has been the trusted technology partner offering bespoke solutions to clients that are system-agnostic, secure, transparent, best-in-class, and supported by holistic advice. The company creates customized strategies for each client to get business processes and workflows to run with greater speed, security, ease of use, and utmost efficiency. The firm offers transparent, unbundled packages of IT services in a fully-integrated process. RFA offers tomorrow's edge, today, by redefining the future of technological support through their R&D, DevOps, automation, and machine learning.

RFA in Numbers

  • 800+ Clients Globally

  • $1+ Trillion Assets Under Management

  • 30+ Years of Service

  • 9 Global Offices

RFA’s services include:

  • Multi-Cloud and Data Centre Services

  • Fully Managed IT Service Management

  • Global Support Services

  • Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance

  • Project Management and Delivery

  • Mobile and Unified Communications