Founding Date

AcreTrader is an online farmland investment company that works both as a direct buyer of farmland as well as a capital partner, raising funds for farmers to purchase and develop new properties. AcreTrader was created to provide investors direct access to the highly attractive asset class of farmland—a high-return, low volatility asset class with historical returns beating most major asset classes and other forms of real estate. Through a proprietary online investment platform that uses some aspects of crowdfunding, AcreTrader offers transparency, security, and liquidity to people wanting to invest in farmland. In addition, AcreTrader removes the troubles traditionally associated with land ownership by handling all aspects of administration and property management, from insurance and accounting to working with local farmers and improving soil sustainability.


  • Since 2018, AcreTrader has broadened access to buy, sell, and invest in land for thousands of investors, farmers, and landowners across the U.S.

  • Its platform offers farmland by-the-share basis for low share prices, enabling individual investors to gain high-return and low volatility of the asset class.

  • AT's online portal which was launched in 2019, allows investors to select potential farm offerings, review due diligence, and invest in land by completing the monetary transaction and legalities on the portal.



  • Rigorous Due Diligence

  • Rely on boots-on-the-ground experience to vet investment-grade farms for you

  • Genuine Diversification

  • Own long-term, real assets sourced from across the United States

  • Passive Income

  • Earn annual cash returns while the company handles all the details