Founding Date

PIXELYNX is a music metaverse gaming platform that transforms the way artists connect and engage with their fans through gaming experiences. The platform creates a portal into the musicverse through digital collectibles, gaming and interactive content, helping artists and fans express their ideas, showcase their fandom and connect in new ways. PIXELYNX's ecosystem provides artists control over how they build experiences with fans, partners, and platforms to create new ways for music lovers to develop, share, and monetise music. PIXELYNX operates LynxLabs, a new investment program to develop the next wave of music and entertainment ventures by offering them access to funding, artists, celebrities, token design, and technical support.


  • PIXELYNX reimagines music potential, giving artists and fans a blank canvas to experiment and create new meaning.

  • PIXELYNX serves as a platform where human connection meets art and self expression meets community.

  • The platform forges the worlds of gaming, music and blockchain to connect the dots between currently fragmented systems and technologies.

  • The platform allows artists, fans and brands alike to maximize their creative and economic potential whilst maintaining full ownership over their content.